Medical Fetish Heaven

Nurse Sophie's luxurious medical room is situated in the heart of Antwerp. Here medical sessions of all sorts take place. Sophie's clinic is open 7 days a week by appointment.

Sessions in Antwerp

You know you need some medical attention! Have your check up or treatment by your trusted Nurse Sophie.

My passion is medical play

I have a medical background and a few years of experience as a medical fetish nurse. I love to make you feel slightly uncomfortable or even make you blush as I pull down your pants to have a good look at your private parts. Welcome to Nurse Sophie’s medical room..

Maybe you are dreaming of a visit to the school doctor, a thorough medical examination for a new job or an abduction to my research laboratory.. Or maybe you just have a fetish for latex gloves, stethoscopes and surgical mouth masks.. I provide all sorts of kinky, sexy and/or realistic medical exams. There are many possibilities, for example an enema and an anal exam, “healing” you with needles, a catheter and sounding. But I can also measure your blood pressure, your heartbeat and listen to your lungs. If you would also like to wear medical uniforms or scrubs, let me know! Depending on your size I should have something for everybody.

For medical sessions please contact me through the contact form below. I am available for all your treatments from Monday to Sunday at all reasonable times by appointment.

  • My rates* are:
  • half hour: 100 euro
  • 1 hour 180 euro
  • 1,5 hours 270 euro
  • 2 hours 350 euro
  • 3 hours 500 euro

*these rates are all inclusive except for when I have to purchase medical supplies especially for your session, for example a special kind of catheter or saline and infusion equipment which are usually not sold per piece.

**I do not use any medication, oxygen or gas on my patients, nor do I do real surgeries or cutting.

An impression of my Medical Room

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If you have any questions or want to book a session send me an email through the form. Please check your email adress, if you spell it incorrect I won't be able to answer you.

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